About Cabinly

From the same team that brought you Hotel Haiku and Go Glamping, the first and original website dedicated to glamping, Cabinly is dedicated to helping you discover the best cabin holiday rentals in Britain.

Cabinly was designed and built using cutting-edge cloud technology giving it the responsive, fast and snappy feel of a native mobile app but in an accessible format openly viewable in any browser, device or platform.

Dare we say it, but we think it’s probably the fastest cabin website on the internet.

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Meet the team

DescriptionGarri Rayner | Designer

“Former record label owner and now BirdBox Media’s head honcho, Garri is the founder and creative force behind the world’s first Glamping website. His hands-on approach and personal curation has seen his travel websites raise the bar for others to follow.”

DescriptionHika Zenebe | Developer

“Originally from the Ethopian capital of Addis Ababa, Hika currently resides in Switzerland where he is studying Data Science. As Cabinly is entirely powered by a spreadsheet he helps us with all sorts of clever stuff that we can only dream of.”

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